• Energy

    Specializing in the production of finished MW class wind power spindle, large steam turbine, generator, turbine rotors, power plant boiler accessories.

  • Transmission

    Supporting the growth of the box, reduction gear box, gear shaft production and metallurgical industry, mining machinery, mining, steel rolling equipment forgings.

  • Ship

    Various industries from 5KG-60000KG nonstandard forgings.

  • General

    The industry from 5KG-60000KG non-standard forging production.

  • Pressure vessel

  • Contact

  • Feedback

  • Network

    In order to better co-ordinate arrangements do network marketing, improve the company's network brand exposure, so that in the future work in an orderly manner as soon as possible to achieve profitable network marketing company.


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  • 1978 Set Up
  • 800,000,000 Assets
  • 700 Staff